How to use proteins

How to use proteins

Protein is the most important component of sports nutrition. The main goal of protein mixtures is to fill the body with the necessary number of nutrients which are responsible for the maintenance and growth of muscle mass. Also, protein mixture is used in diet by people who want to lose weight.

Protein types and their functions

All proteins can be divided into 3 groups depending on the speed of assimilation:

  • «fast» proteins
  • «slow» proteins
  • protein complexes

«Fast» proteins

Fast protein is absorbed at high speeds into the walls of the gastrointestinal tract. This type of protein is whey protein. It is quickly broken down and absorbed by the body, so it is the best choice to gain and maintain muscle mass.

The best way is to take it after exercise or in the morning. 1 serving should contain up to 30g of protein and 3-5 servings are allowed per day.

«Slow» proteins

As a rule, it is absorbed within 6-8 hours after a meal. Soy protein is a kind of slow one. This protein is used for weight loss, or «drawing» relief. Slow protein does not cause insulin release, so it will be especially useful for people who are prone to fullness.

Slow protein is best consumed at bedtime or during long breaks between regular meals.

Protein complexes

Protein complex is a combination of fast and slow protein. If you want to increase muscle mass, it is ideal to use protein complexes before bedtime, because at this time muscle tissue growth and recovery are takes place actively. Thus, amino acids will evenly “nourish the body” throughout the whole nighttime period, when you do not eat anything. 1 serving of protein is 30g.

Also, protein complexes are used for weight loss. In this case the portion is only 15g and 1-2 meals per day can be replaced with complex protein cocktail.

How much protein do you need

The average protein intake per day is 2 grams per kilogram of weight. So, if your weight is 80 kg, you should take approximately 160g of proteins both with your meal and sport supplements.

The frequency of protein intake is just as important as the amount. Maximum dose of protein that the body can absorb equals 30g. Many researches have shown that taking a protein in excess of 40 grams at a time will not give the desired effect.

When to drink protein shake

This question should be divided for two different questions, because the mode of protein intake depends on the goal you set for yourself.

If your goal is a set of muscle mass and relief, you should choose several of the following options:

  • 1 serving of fast protein in the morning after sleep
  • 1 serving of fast protein 2 hours before workout (prevents muscle breakdown)
  • 1 serving of fast protein right after training (this is the most important time to take protein, the absorption will be very effective)
  • 1 serving of slow protein in 30 minutes before sleep (muscle recovery)

If your goal is weight loss / fat loss, you should have your meal 5-6 times a day and replace 2-3 times with protein shake.

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