Whoo needs sport supplements

Who needs sport supplements?

The main goal of using sport supplements is to fill in the gaps in your diet, compensate for the deficiency of vitamins, micro elements, amino acids etc. All people have these gaps, just believe.

Consumers of sport supplements can be divided into two groups:

1. You train long and hard (3-4 times a week without skips) for a specific result. For example, you dream to bench-press a barbell weighing 150 kg or running a marathon 42 km 195 m. You CAN and SHOULD use sport supplements. And we will offer specific sets for each task.

2. Beginners, albeit hard training. In the first six months you should get along with both types of proteins: “fast” before breakfast, “long” overnight. They compensate for the lack of protein that may cause muscle loss. The same diet will recommend to those people who go to the gym once a week, “for themselves” (but if you are overweight, first consult with a nutritionist).

We have prepared a table of supplements you need depending on your sport goal:

Development of PowerDevelopment of EnduranceFat loss*Muscle hypertrophy**
Complex amino acids+
Protein bars+++
Energy drinks+
Testosterone booster++

* «Fast» protein before breakfast and after training

** «Fast» protein for breakfast, «long» protein at bedtime

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Sport supplements are generally sold in powder form. You need to dissolve a portion of an additive in an appropriate amount of liquid. It can be easily done with our USB rechargeable vortex shaker. Your sport cocktail will be tasty, lamp free and ready in 20 seconds!